Friday, 14 October 2016


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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Making $100 Per Month Is Possible

I have been looking for different ways to make money online, and today, I will show you one of the legitimate means to get $100 or more per month. Just follow the steps below and cash in big money:

  1. Create a free blog from your gmail account (Blogger)
  2. We are going to create a free account on QupAds 
  3. Click on QupAds
  4. Click on Publisher

  • Click Register and complete the form that will open with all your information
  • Choose Publisher (I want to sell traffic) as your ACCOUNT TYPE; check "I'm not a robot and then click on New User to complete the account registration.

  •  Confirm the link sent to your email after registration
  • Login to your QupAds account and click on Ad Tags 

  • You will see various banners sizes. Click on any of the Tags as shown in the above picture. Copy the HTML codes and add them to your blog HTML/Javascript Layout box

Getting free traffic
  • Click on ATOHITS and create a free account
  • After a successful registration and confirmation of your email, login to your otohits account
  • In your account, click on My sites on the left-hand side of your account
  • Scroll down and click on Add a site
  • Enter your blog URL and choose PTP for category and 10 seconds for Timer as shown in the picture below

  • Click on Add the site
  • Now Click on The Autosurf from the left side menu
  • Click on Launch the autosurf. A new window will open. Do not close the window. Different websites will be opening after every 60 seconds and will accumulate more points for you. The points will automatically be added to your listed site in your otohits account and the traffic will be sent to your blog for more impressions on your QupsAds which will earn you some cool money. ENJOY